Using CBD Oil For Pet Pain Relief

Most people are aware that marijuana is useful for treating certain problems that humans have, but does it work for dogs? More specifically, does a derivative of cannabis called CBD oil actually help dogs with certain health issues such as bodily pain? For example, there are some studies that have shown that dogs with arthritis have actually seen a positive change as a result of using this in their everyday diet. Let’s go over the facts in regard to why CBD or cannabidiol is beneficial for the human body, and then show you why canines can also benefit. For complete information, visit

What Exactly Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is derived from the cannabis plant. It is one of 60 different cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. One of the more well-known cannabinoids is tetrahydrocannabinol, more commonly known as THC. This is the component of the marijuana plant which is outlawed at a federal level, actually making marijuana a Schedule I drug. Despite the fact that these drugs are not supposed to have any therapeutic value, it has clearly been shown through decades of research that cannabis can positively help people with health issues. One of those health problems is chronic pain which is caused by arthritis. This is something that many pharmaceutical companies create drugs for. Although people can take aspirin, it’s not as effective as store-bought or prescription drugs, but this is changing because of cannabinoids.

Can CBD For Dogs Help Your Canine?

If your dog currently suffers from arthritis due to old age, you can definitely see a significant change in the way that they feel when you introduce CBD into their diet. In the same way that this can act as an anti-inflammatory for human beings, it does the same for the canine species. Additionally, it also provides with compromised immune systems, allowing people to stop getting as sick as they have for years. This is also true for dogs, and if you can regularly put this into their food, you will see that your older dog will feel less pain, and will likely avoid getting sick as well.

How To Get Them Started Right Away

Depending upon the state in which you live, it might be difficult to get CBD because of the laws that exist. If you happen to be in California, Nevada, or the state of Washington, you should have no problem at all getting this substance. It is going to work rather quickly, and you will see a definite difference in how active your dog will be. They will certainly be in less pain as a result of using this natural product that has been helping canines for years.

When you start to look at the research on cannabinoids and how incredibly beneficial they are for humans, you will be even more astounded that this natural substance can also help dogs. If you have a pet that is currently suffering as a result of arthritis, you should certainly consider adding CBD to their daily meals to help them with the pain. This is an all natural supplement, one that is not going to harm them and has many other positive benefits. If you have run out of options regarding helping your dog with their arthritis, cannabidiol might be exactly what they need. Find out more about CBD for dogs today at Seven Leaf Pets.