Let’s Battle Dog Disease With New Health Information

What Are Some Of The Types Of Health Problems Dogs Can Have?

Just like all other animals and humans, dogs have health problems, too. In fact, some of the health problems associated with dogs are even more specific to breeds. Each breed has its complications as described by Veterinarian Reno, and that is what we are also going to look at right now as we check out some of the top health problems that dogs can have.

Dogs can sometimes have respiratory issues for some breeds, and specific dog breeds tend to have them more than others. For example, there is the bulldog. Just because a dog is more prone to develop a particular condition doesn’t mean it is going to happen.

Dogs also tend to get worms, and in this instance, we are talking about the ones that come out the hind end. In this case, there are no breeds indeed that are more likely to get these worms, but it’s the age of the dog that comes into play. Yes, older dogs can get worms all the same, but it’s the puppies that get them all too often. But, then there are different types of infections, also, and some cases are severe.

For example, dogs are prone to heartworm. You have to make sure you protect your dogs against heartworm and any worms for that matter. This next one tugs at heart a little bit because pugs are so cute. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a pug? It’s a pug’s eyes, right?

Unfortunately, pugs can have health problems associated with their eyes more often than most other breeds and in case of emergencies you can look at emergency vet in Reno. Now, there are quite a few different health issues and breeds we could look at, but this next one got my attention. It is obesity in dogs, and it can become an issue. I saw it firsthand with the dogs that my uncle used to have. If you had to guess the breed that is said to most commonly have obesity issues, which one would you think? It is the Labrador Retriever.

Think back to all of the dogs that you had. What type of health issues did you see happen? One of the dogs my grandparents had and my family inherited at the time ended up getting cancer. Cancer is one of the types of health problems dogs can get. Boxers are one breed that is more susceptible to cancer. In the case of my grandparent’s dog, he was a bird dog, and he had testicular cancer.

Let’s look at another common health problem that dogs can get. They are prone to ear infections for dogs. You might be thinking about which breed is more susceptible, and if you are, you are probably thinking about all of the breeds with large ears. All dogs can get ear infections, but cocker spaniels are perhaps even more likely to get them. As mentioned, there are many more health problems to look at and dog breeds, too, but we got to quite a few, wouldn’t you say?

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