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The pain suffered by an individual’s pets can sometimes be as stressful to the owner as it is discomforting to the animal, on solution is finding a pet chiropractor.  The majority of cases will consider the use of surgery or medication to manage an animal’s pain; however, what happens when these interventions are no longer useful?  The more severe cases, particularly for animals that are older, the option of euthanasia are discussed but will always be a last resort to ‘take the animal out of its pain.’  This article will examine a holistic and non-invasive practice known as animal chiropractic services discussing why one should consider using this type of treatment.

Animal chiropractics, for example, dog chiropractors in Reno, are an all-natural and holistic approach to treating different joint, skeletal and muscular problems that are common in various breeds.  The fundamental principle behind this type of veterinary chiropractic services is to increase mobility and movement within the body; similar to the kind of chiropractic service offered to humans.

The typical treatment provided by a Reno chiropractor to both human and animal is to treat the spinal column and perform chiropractic adjustment.  A chiropractic adjustment is a method whereby the professional will re-align the vertebrae within the spinal column using a manual manipulation of the area.  The modifications are beneficial as it restores the vertebrae to their natural position, along with the nerves, joints, tendons and ligaments within the column.  This return to the natural position assists with relief from any pain in the affected area and encourages natural body healing.

What Conditions Can An Animal Chiropractor Treat?

An animal or veterinary chiropractor can treat various physical conditions, ailments, and injuries.  The most typical of the conditions include spinal misalignment, lower back pain, repetitive use injuries, hip dysplasia, and neck injuries.  Chiropractic services can also be beneficial in animals suffering from osteoarthritis, forelimb lameness, and stiffness of muscles.  Urinary incontinence can be treated through chiropractic massage; as well as post-surgery recovery by stimulating blood circulation in the recovering area.

What Are The Signs A Pet Needs Animal Chiropractic Services?

As is mentioned, there are various conditions which will benefit from chiropractic services; however, there are specific symptoms that can be linked to injuries suitable for chiropractic treatment.  The list below can act as a form of checklist to determine whether one’s pet could benefit from chiropractic treatments.  Of course, while an animal chiropractor can be effective, it is always recommended that one consult a professional chiropractor beforehand.

The various symptoms that could be evidence of a muscular, skeletal or joint injury include:

– Difficulty climbing stairs
– Walking with a limp or dragging the back legs when walking
– Difficulty standing or rising from a lying position
– Weakness in legs without any particular area of pain
– Reluctance to move with decreased mobility
– An inability to jump or move about quickly
– An abnormal gait with shorter strides
– Sitting and standing in an unnatural position
– Hunched back or slouching
– Sensitivity to touch with pain when touched in the chest area

What Can Be Expected From An Animal Chiropractic Professional?

When visiting a professional animal chiropractor, the pet will have an initial assessment or evaluation first to determine the overall health of the animal; as well as establishing the different healthcare needs of the pet.  It is, however, possible for the initial animal assessment to be completed over the telephone but this will not be as effective as an in-person evaluation so get help today.

Once the assessment has been finalized, it is typical for the chiropractor in Reno to consult with the veterinarian regarding the pet’s medical history including information on tests, medication, and surgeries performed.  It is essential that the animal chiropractor works in conjunction with the regular veterinarian and the pet owner to ensure the most efficient and low-risk treatment is used.

The speed of the treatment and prognosis will typically depend on the nature of the animal’s condition.  A mild injury may require a single adjustment which will take approximately one week to health; however, more severe cases may require more sessions with longer recovery timeframes.

Does Pet Insurance Cover Chiropractics For Animals?

Yes, pet insurance can cover animal Reno chiropractic services.  It is important to check this service with the insurance company beforehand to determine what type of treatment can be used.

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