Simple Steps to Follow to Teach Your Dog to Fetch

Simple Steps to Follow to Teach Your Dog to Fetch

dog training bookThe first goal if you want to teach your dog on how to retrieve will be to make him go after you throw the thing that you want him to get. You may also want to give him treats and play with your dog after he or she retrieves the object that you want your dog to get.

Whatever motivator you use for your dog the procedure will be the same, and that is encouraging your dog to go after the thing you want him or her to fetch, and then give your dog a reward when he grabs it and again take the object that your dog retrieve and repeat this procedure for few times.

Encourage Your Dog to Try Even More

dog training certificationsAfter throwing the object try to hold your dog to encourage him or her to chase even more, and your dog will eventually tug against you. Your dog will go after the object really fast when you let him or her go.

The final step is making your dog to return back the item to you. You can choose a second toy if your dog doesn’t bring back the toy to you. Your dog will probably leave the first toy and will get the second one and might have an idea that it will run back to you.